The Precision Microwave system

MWA market.PNG

Thermal ablation (TA) has tremendous potential as a minimally invasive treatment for cancer and other benign disease

But most people have never even heard of it…

Fundamental limitations with existing systems restrict their use to a last resort treatment for a narrow range of cases

But what if we could fix thermal ablation?


Thermal ablation could benefit orders of magnitude more patients...

The Precision Microwave directional microwave ablation (DMWA) applicator 
  • Enables doctors to direct the treatment zone towards the target and away from sensitive critical tissue

  • Could reduce procedure complexity while improving safety and effectiveness

  • Supported by >$1.2M in non-dilutive grants from the National Science Foundation

  • Successfully evaluated in animal studies at Kansas State University

  • Assembled by experienced manufacturing partner

  • Two patent applications


Functional prototype assembled by OEM partner

Example treatment zone

(time-lapse cooking egg whites)

The complete Precision Microwave system