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The Precision Microwave system

The Precision Microwave directional microwave ablation (DMWA) applicator 
  • Enables doctors to direct the treatment zone towards the target but away from sensitive critical tissue

  • Successfully evaluated in animal studies at Kansas State University

  • Assembled by experienced manufacturing partner

  • Patented design can be leveraged for omni-directional and "working channel" variants

Precision Microwave directional microwave ablation applicator

Functional prototype assembled by OEM partner

Example treatment zone

(time-lapse cooking egg whites)

The Precision Microwave multi-channel generator cart
  • Flexible MW generator platform for R&D and eventual clinical use

  • 15" touch screen with modern user interface

  • 2.45 GHz; up to 250 W in single channel or 125 W per channel for 3 channels

  • Integrated peristaltic pump per channel

  • Three integrated auxiliary temperature sensor ports

  • Lightweight and compact design can be pole mounted or used table top

  • Developed by a team with experience spanning MW device design, clincial RF generator design, and clinical use

Mirowave ablation generator
Mcrowave ablation generator development team
Multi-channel microwave ablation generator concept

Contact us if you are a development company or university interested in using a Precision Microwave generator

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